Tempus Whisky - Good Things, Take Time 

Whilst it was cold and quiet in the calm before the storm, DoP @gerryvasbenter and I decided to learn some new skills and play around with a few lighting techniques. Something a bit more stylised than what we’ve done to date. This self-funded spec commercial is the result!

Shot on Red Komodo. Made with the help of some wonderful people and with the support of some very generous companies.

Full credits: Dir & Edit James Lovick | @jameslovick
DoP Gerry Vasbenter | @gerryvasbenter
Art Assist & Hand Model Matt Werendel
Gaffer Bruno Inacio | @bruno____inacio
VO Artist Mark Littlewood | @littlesparkymark
Camera supplied by @reddigitalcinema | Lighting supplied by @solalights_london | Track & Dolly supplied by @movietech | Lenses and Grip Kit supplied by @brownianmotion

**Before you all rush out to buy it, I’m afraid Tempus Whisky doesn’t exist. I have the one and only bottle, but I’m happy to drink with anyone who’d like some. Cheers!